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Full text of "Collections towards a bibliography of the universities of Aberdeen"

keep the list within bounds, certain classes of books have been in-tentionally excluded. Such are: works on general history, even thoughcontainii^ incidentally much matter directly bearing on the AberdeenUniversities, ^^., Spalding's Troubles or Wod

Full text of "A comparative study of the Bantu and semi-Bantu languages"

apetown, thereal originator of Bantu studies ; Edward Stecrc, Bishop of Zanzibar, and author of manyworks on the East African Bantu ; the Rev. W. H. Stapleton, of the Baptist MissionarySociety on the Congo ; and A. C. Madan, M.A., Student of Christ C

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t work are not derived from the Program, +and can be reasonably considered independent and separate works in +themselves, then this License, and its terms, do not apply to those +sections when you distribute them as separate works.But when you +distr

Full text of "Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency"

308-309 ; education,309-311; Municipality, 311-315; floods(1714-1875), 313; fires (1877), 262; waterworks, 314 ; health, 315 ; hospitals, 315-316;marketsj 316 ; divisions, 317-332 j within theindex;19Walls, in 1824, 317-320 ; and in 1879, 320-327 ;su

Full text of "A collection of tracts and treatises illustrative of the natural history, antiquities, and the political and social state of Ireland, at various periods prior to the present century .."

mwell)of all the Forces in IRELAND.Bight Honorahk,IT is a very great and signal Truth, that all the works ofQod are both wondeHull and preeious, much Eought outby all those thai love him : and it is the gnilt of the wicked,that as tfuy regard not the

Austria Facts, information, pictures | articles about Austria

world's largest graphic art collection, including the most extensive collection in existence of the works of Albrecht Dürer. The Secular Treasury (Schatzkammer) houses the jewels and insignia of the Holy Roman Empire and of all the Austrian emperors.

Full text of "Journal of the Pali Text Society"

odem forms of speech in India. In the historyof Indian literature there is nothing older than these works,excepting only the Yedic writings ; and all the later classicalSanskrit literature has been profoundly influenced by theintellectual struggle of

Full text of "The Sacred Books Of The East, Vol-Xlv"

acrificial fire. A monkshould not be selfish) . , . .292,, 8. On exertion. (Exertion not leading to worksrecommended) 2979, The Law, (What a monk should abstainfrom) 30110, Carefulness. (Some more injunctions andprohibitions) 30611. The Path. (The sa

Full text of "Ascension"

others were initiated there.The writer (who has a connection with the Great White Lodge which also works through the pyramid priesthood) wasinstructed to recover and return to the Great Pyramid the ancient tablets.This, after adventures which need n

Human Body Systems: Facts

Human Body Systems: FactsBecome an Expert about Human Body and Human Body Systems by Reading Interesting and Important Facts about the Human Body and Each Human Body System on's Human Body Homework Help Resource Page.Cells and Blood Cells
Results for "works" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 32 of 100