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African Women and Icts

ool. It will be hard for Lamia, Iman and the other working girls (customarily in Egypt a woman is a married woman, hence the distinction here) from Siwa to work outside the house after they marry. Under Siwan tradition a woman lives with her husband’ 89

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o pita-pat, to throb,to flutter, to be frightened. Cfdhak dhak.Dhukau. To blow bellows.Dhukni. An unmarried woman whoenters the house of the man ofher choice, and thus compels himto marry her.Dhukri. A beggar's wallet.Dhuku cuku. ") To be uncertain, 89

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and has neglected orrefused to maintain, whether the woman with whom he is living in adul-tery is a married woman or not and, if the woman be married, whether thewoman's husband connives at the adultery or not? So far as the wife" I do not think we a 89

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arge wooden vessel, a tub ; a kive,or brewing-tub," Owen.K1MMER, s. LA gossip. 2. Used asdenoting a married woman, Gall. V.Cummer.To KIMMER, v. n. 1. To gossip, or tomeet for gossiping, S.A. 2. To bringforth a child, Lanarks.; a ludicrous term.KIMMER 89

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not in any case veryheavy, and if she chance to be of low caste, it is very little.If a man kill a married woman (other than the teacher's wifethe teacher and all that belongs to him are all-sacred), heshould undergo penance for two years ; in the c 89

Wh443 — Buddhist Women Meditators of Sri Lanka — Unicode

satisfied.Now There Is Peacefulness in the FamilyMrs. Kamala de SilvaPresentationMrs. de Silva is a married woman of 63 years, her husband is 11 years older. The couple lives in a village in the Dambulla area, approximately two hours from Kandy. Some 89

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aunties on 09510988808OntorDecember 15th, 2012 at 7:07 pm1197I am a very simple boy. I want girl or married woman for dating. I think that in this site maximum girls or ladies are fake. I am not fake. I am 100% true and real. So Interested Girls or m 89

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would be degradedin life. A child thus begotten, shall belong to the lawfulhusband of its mother.A married woman found guilty of wilful incontinence toher husband, and again placed into his lawful custody, shallbe made to wear dirty clothes, and to 89

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half ofSravana, the anniversary of Krishna's nativity, held as afestival.JAYA, S. ('Wnn) A wife, a married woman.JAYf, S. (*nft) Blades of barley grown artificially, and pre-sented to friends and relations at the Dashara festival.JAZAR, H. (A. if?-) 89

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p Life Time wid me COntect @ +923457003966ahmedJune 11th, 2012 at 12:47 pm179i want friendship with married woman my cell#0334-4980517ahmedJune 11th, 2012 at 12:51 pm180plz cont me mymail [email protected] any married alone gril or auntyRai KhanJune 89
Results for "married woman" Found 1000 in 0.01 seconds. Displaying : page 3 of 100

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